Every player needs to register online in order to play on a team at GameTime Training Center. Please see the instructions below on how to create a team page (Coaches) or to register as an individual player (Players).

Please note: The number of players on your roster will reflect the number of shirts you receive if you win the league. For example, if you only have three people on your roster and you win the league, you will receive three shirts. The maximum number of shirts a team can receive is 13.

Click here to create your GameTime team page.

To register a team for a league:
1. At the top of the page select “register”
2. Select “teams and leagues”
3. Select “team”
4. Are you the coach or manager? Select “yes”
5. Select the season you want to register for
6. Select the league you want to register for
7. Select past team or new team
8. If you select past team, select which team and change the team name if you wish
9. If you select new team, enter a team name
10. Select “next”
11. Pay Deposit
12. Make payment

How to invite players to your Gametime team page:
There are 2 ways for your players to be added to your roster.

Using the “Invite Someone” option
1. Log into your team page and click on your team name. This will open your team’s page.
2. On the right side, click on the “invite someone” tab
3. Enter the emails of people that you want to invite. Separate multiple emails with a comma. Players will receive an email and be given instructions on how to join.
4. After they build their GameTime members page, they will have the option to join your team at the top of their page.

Players can search for your team and request an invite
1. Log into your GameTime team page.
2. Click “Register”
3. Click “Join A Team”
4. Select the person to register
5. Find the team you are joining and click “Join”
6. An email will be sent to the coach letting them know you are requesting to join their team. The coach will email you back letting you know that you have been accepted to the team.
7. After you have been accepted, you can click on your team name and see all the info about your team.


With your league registration, your team has access to our partners at Oxford Physical Therapy Centers. OPTC has many locations in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky, including a Tri-County/Fairfield Center right next door to GameTime Training Center, located at 350B Quality Blvd., Fairfield, OH 45014. If at any time you are experiencing any pain or have had an injury, please visit our friends at OPTC. They will be able to provide you with an injury screen, which allows them to see you for 10-15 minutes and provide a recommendation on next steps to help alleviate your pain. In addition, you can see them without a doctor’s prescription and your visits will still be covered by insurance. For more information, go to www.oxfordphysicaltherapy.com or give them a call at 513.701.6100.

Thank you for choosing GameTime Training Center. We are excited to have your team playing here.

GameTime Training Center
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